Meet the Team


Hi! I’m Liesl, founder of Liesl NYC.
I started my career at an old time photo tourist trap in South Dakota and came to the big city to be a fashion photographer (with a few stops along the way). Though I found a love for portraits and weddings and made that my focus, I’ve kept the editorial aesthetic.

Though I’ve lived in Brooklyn for 15 years I’ve kept the South Dakota demeanor. A calm and comfortable presence helps a lot when you’re not used to being followed around by a photographer. Getting great pictures shouldn’t be intimidating. It’ll be way more fun than you think!
From the very start of my wedding career, the queer community has been at its heart. I photographed many a commitment ceremony before we got equality and with Liesl NYC,I want to keep my community at the center.

I’m vegan (and totally non-judgmental of the omnivores) so I don’t offer leather albums. I do offer an amazing array of fabrics, vegan leathers, and wood covers that are way cooler anyway
I live in Williamsburg with 40 cameras, 500 books, and one very large cat.


Hi, I’m Alexis! A Brooklyn based photographer who was raised on the Jersey Shore, I’ve had a camera in my hand ever since I can remember. After graduating from the Hallmark Institute of Photography I worked in many different areas of the photography field, and ultimately fell in love with weddings. When I’m not hanging out at home with my two cats, you can find me cheering around the city with my adult cheerleading team!

Mónica Félix

¡Hola! My name is Mónica. I’m a born and raised Puerto Rican artist, professional photographer and yoga instructor. Based in New York City, I have a Visual Arts MFA from Columbia University and two black cats named Cleocatra and Fellini. Photography is how I look at the world, as I enjoy working with people to tell their stories in that  visual language.



Liesl NYC captures intimacy and relationships through the lens of lovers—authentically, honestly, and uniquely.

Our Story

“I love the tradition and ritual of weddings and love that I get to be with a couple on one of the happiest days of their lives. It's an honor.”

Our founder, Liesl, started her photography career with ambitions in fashion, but after shooting her first wedding, she knew that's what she wanted to do. As a queer founder, she's shaped her studio to cater to the needs of lovers wanting that special eye and extra level of comfort for their special days and is grateful for every moment she gets to spend capturing your love.

Starting first as just Liesl Henrichsen, then expanding to our previous business "Photo Pink," and now to the new and improved Liesl NYC Studio, we're just as committed to creating unique, authentic, and beautiful photography that looks and feels like you.


“Having Liesl for our moody October wedding in Brooklyn was one of the BEST decisions we made hands down. Her eye for details and style had me blown away from the beginning!"
She truly is one of the sweetest, down to earth and professional human beings on this planet! She sent us a preview of what to expect for the wedding photos and honestly I was in tears. The day went by so fast that seeing these beautiful photos felt so unreal. I quickly showed my family and they LOVED them and adored her during the big day. I’m extremely grateful that I found Liesl because having her made my vision come to life. Look no further for a photographer, you have found her. Thank you Liesl for everything.”
“Liesl photographed our wedding last year. 12 months later, we were going through the photos and it inspired me to write a 5-star review.
Our wedding was a relatively last-minute City Hall affair. Liesl gave us ideas on how to best photograph it, and also knew some pretty helpful tips that made the day go much smoother than it would otherwise. We didn't have to think much -- she knew what style we were going for, and what we wanted for the day, and made it all happen.

I've been to weddings that feel more like a photoshoot than anything intimate, and it's one of my bigger pet peeves. Liesl didn't make it feel like that. She was unobtrusive, but still captured great moments to always remember our day. And my family loved her -- she was super kind to everyone, and made them feel relaxed and comfortable. Even more than the photos, that was really important to us.

After our nuptials, we dragged Liesl around NYC for more photos with just my wife and me. She knew the area around City Hall really well, and got some stunning photos the incorporated the downtown architecture. After that, photographed us on the subway and at Grand Central. We're still blown away by the photos she took.

In short, you won't be disappointed. Whether you're having a huge wedding, or a scaled-back affair like we did, she has a great eye and can cater it to whatever aesthetic you're looking for. A few months later you'll get photos that will make you very happy.”
“Liesl and Alexis are a dream to work with for a wedding! They are professional, very responsive, and most importantly their work is next-level!
They have a way of blending an artistic approach to photography with the candid photos you are so grateful to have for years to come. They managed to capture the essence of us as a couple, our wedding, and those we love. They are down-to-earth and fun to be around on the big day while capturing those special moments. Highly recommended!”
“Liesl is an absolute DELIGHT to work with - first and foremost.
I have a bad case of “nervous of how pictures of me are going to look like” and I dreaded photos for the big day without being able to see any. I knew I trusted Liesl and knew her work was incredible but it was really hard for me to feel confident. Every step of the way she let me and the groom know we are looking great (without being patronizing) and helped us pose properly so our photos would come out looking amazing. She scoped out so many parts of brooklyn to capture both edgy and beautiful shots of us and helped us look romantic because we are just two goof balls in a dress and a suit.

I really wanted romantic beautiful shots too and by god did she NAIL IT!! I got preview shots in maybe 4 days after the wedding (I think she knew how freaked I was) and I literally GASPED when I saw some of these unedited photos… needless to say I AM SO EXCITED TO SEE THE REST!!!! If you want different photos that capture your wedding love story in a uniquely documentarian editorial way, hire Photo Pink NOW. My husband and I look like we should be on the cover of a magazine and it isn’t just because we are sOoOO beautiful ;) THANK YOU LIESL AND PHOTO PINK!"
Liesl and Alexis captured my wedding so completely that I think I got more emotional looking at the photos than I did on my actual wedding day.
I didn't care about having a lot of traditional photos, and I had a tiny wedding party, but Liesl and Alexis captured everything, and everyone, in beautiful and surprising ways. I'm so grateful that I have some gorgeous portraits of my family and friends, and many more incredible photos that capture the million tiny moments that made up one of the most wonderful nights of my life.